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5 Reasons To Invest In a Wedding Album

Are you wondering if you should invest in a wedding album? You may even be thinking, why are they so expensive? Maybe you think I will add the album later when I receive my gallery. Keep reading, and this post will answer all of your questions.

1. Post-work Is Done

Be honest! How often have you said I will start this particular thing and never do it? This is normal! Our lives are so busy, and we usually never get to some things on our to-do list. By hiring your photographer to do this, then that task is marked off your list.

Your wedding photographer can display and design your wedding album in a way that visually and emotionally tells the best story of your day! You are hiring your photographer to capture your wedding experience, so why not have them complete your wedding album? They will be the most important person to know how to tell the story of your wedding day. THEY CAPTURED IT!!

If you purchase your album upfront, there is usually a discount, rather than paying the total cost if buying after your wedding day. With my wedding albums, you can get a deal if you purchase the package that comes with a 10×10 album.

Purchasing in advance also helps the photographer plan your wedding album’s design. Along with scheduling the time to discuss the design, this helps with the completion of when your photographer delivers your finished album.

2. Family Heirloom Keepsake

By far my FAVORITE reason to invest in a wedding album. Your wedding has happened. It was beautiful and everything you dreamed it would be. Instead of just downloading your images to your hard drive and sharing a link with your family and friends, you took it a step further and invested in a family heirloom keepsake that tells the story of the day you began your life together, husband and wife. Your wedding is the beginning of your new family unit! Now, try to fast forward even further and envision yourself sitting in your future living room with your future four-year-old, and they are asking questions about when you got married. You look at them and say, “Hold on one minute, ok?” and grab your legacy album. As you flip through the pages, half of the album in your lap and the other half in theirs…. your child notices aunts, uncles, and grandparents celebrating with you on your wedding day. If your future child is anything like ours, they will be in awe of these old pictures. As a kid, I would go through my grandparent’s albums to see all the things and people I wasn’t there to see. Hearing the stories always warmed my heart, and I still do to this day! Legacy albums aren’t for you but for those who come after you. What a beautiful gift to hand down to future generations!

3. Great Addition To The Wedding Experience

After all the festivities have ended on your wedding day, it will be so satisfying to receive your album in the mail to recapture in beautiful display form how your day went. Unfortunately, enjoying or remembering your wedding with everything happening takes a lot of work. A wedding album will ensure that you miss nothing!

You and your spouse can sit down together, flip through your beautiful day, and relive your wedding through each page. To have your entire day in one location to pull out whenever you have guests or family that want to see your photos, you can show them this album that displays your images beautifully in a professional format.

4. Quality Album

The quality of your heirloom album will be massively different from the usual DIY album you or your friends have put together in the past. I can still hear the sound it makes when you open a page!! Do you remember the albums your parent or grandparents had where the photos were glued or tapped on? The pages would stick together, and you had to open them to prevent damaging the pictures carefully, or the images would fall out as soon as you picked them up.

Professionally printed albums are none of the above. The pages are thick and bound by a gorgeous leather or linen cover with your names engraved on the outside. Each page boasts the authentic and consistent colors of every photo taken with your photographer’s professional camera.

5. Heirloom Albums Make An Amazing Gift

One of the best gifts you can give to the couple or parents is a memory of the wedding day. They can be used to show how much you love the uniting of their marriage or to thank parents for their investment in your love story.

You can purchase an album, duplicate it, and gift it to someone else. These are two ways to show and tell your love story to more people.

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