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Amazing Vintage-Inspired Spring Wedding Carmen + Brett

This beautiful day was unlike any wedding I have ever photographed before. It’s hard to describe how a 90 percent chance rain day turned out to be amazing!

Carmen called me the week of her wedding, asking what do I do if it rained? I told her that if it rained, and I hoped it didn’t, we would find a way to make it work. I assured her that if it did pour and there was no way to get out and get beautiful couple photos, we could choose another day to go out and capture those photos with a separate session. Looking at the forecast, there was a 90 percent chance that it would rain, and I knew we would have to be prepared.

The wedding day came, and it was pouring down rain as I got ready to leave my home. I’m stressed for Carmen at this point, but I knew as her photographer that it was my job to capture her day as if it were sunny blue skies. I’m thinking to myself oh no, what we didn’t want has happened.

I arrive at the Savannah Botanical Gardens venue, and it is still raining. The good thing is I walked inside to where Carmen was getting ready, and it was great to see she was in good spirits. Things were still going, and we would have a great wedding day despite the rain. Long after being there, capturing some getting-ready shots and detail photos and a couple of pictures of the two of them just in case, the rain started to ease. Not only did it reduce it stopped in time for the ceremony to begin. Yes, it was still wet and muddy, but it was not raining!!! A 90 percent chance of rain later turned into the sun coming out and shining bright on us. WOW, what a turnaround of the forecast!

These two, Carmen and Brett, are amazing people. I can see that their love for each other is like no other. The way Brett looks at Carmen will melt your heart. I can see the love he has for her is real. Also, let me say that Brett is one hilarious guy! You have to meet him in person to understand the hilarious level, but let’s say he is a college roommate mixed with a little old-school hippie, with a bit of hard-core rap with a Mr. Rogers heart for people, especially his family, and friends. Carmen matches that vibe just as well. Both of their family and friends were so nice and welcomed me in not only as their photographer but as a friend, and I am forever grateful.

Carmen and Brett, you are the epitome of a dream 9184 Couple, and I’m just so humbled that you chose me!!! Thank you for making my job so challenging but easy and so much fun!! Enjoy reliving your amazing wedding day with these sneak peeks!!!

Thanks for reading!

— Dericus


  • Everything about the day was gorgeous. Two beautiful people tied a knot that will be cherished for all of us who were there to share the love. Love conquers all.

  • As I look through these pictures – joy fills my heart. Dericus was a life saver of patience and good energy on our rainy wedding day. The photos that were captured truly capture the spirit of the love that was felt during the day. Dericus was a pleasure and added a calmness and tenacity to calm me during the storm. We are thrilled with his work and look forward to keeping in touch with our new friend. Many of our guests commented on how friendly and pleasant he was. We cannot thank him enough.

  • Beyond amazing photos of a even more amazing couple
    Thank you for a perfect day with blessed family and friends that
    Are family. Your energy and love is so precious to us all and you deserve
    To have a long life of happiness and love together always and we all are
    Blessed to follow in your footsteps. Luv you two


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