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Experience the Most Wonderful Hilton Head Wedding with Sarah and Eric!

Sarah and Eric’s wedding day could have been taken straight out of a romantic movie: a warm early summer evening, surrounded by close friends and family who were incredible, with a beautiful ceremony and a stunning reception held at The Golf Club at Indigo Run in Hilton Head South Carolina. The couple shared their first dance as the sun set, and a joyous evening occurred. It was a day that would be remembered for the rest of their lives – and beyond. Now, I have the pleasure of reliving and sharing their special day as we explore the details of Sarah and Eric’s perfect wedding in this sneak peek. From the carefully chosen décor and heartfelt speeches to the meaningful traditions and signature touches, we will examine what made this day special for this special couple. Be inspired by Sarah and Eric’s beautiful wedding, and come away with some ideas for your special day.

The love and admiration that these two shared on their wedding day was truly remarkable. From Eric’s adoring gaze to Sarah’s beaming smile, it was easy to feel the strong, unconditional bond they have for one another.

I appreciate Sarah’s meticulous planning and attention to detail for this special occasion. They included unique things that aren’t traditional but added that special touch. Which was perfection!!! From the very beginning, Sarah displayed exceptional organization and control. I even let her know that her questionnaire was completed flawlessly and provided me with all the necessary information to ensure a seamless event. Additionally, even though Eric wasn’t confident in his photography skills, he did a fantastic job capturing unforgettable moments. I think he may have liked it more than he would admit. LOL!!!

This couple isn’t afraid of taking on a challenging project, whether planning for their wedding day or taking on the commitment of marriage. With their passion for tackling life together through sickness and bumps in the road, Sarah and Eric will surely reach any goal they have together as husband and wife.

The takeaway from this wedding is that when two people come together with a shared love, there’s nothing more beautiful to capture and remember than that. This is why, as a photographer, I feel privileged and humbled to have been part of such a beautiful event.

Sarah and Eric, THANK YOU for choosing me!!! I am so honored and realize you could have chosen anyone!! I hope you can relax and enjoy this newlywed season together! You deserve it!!! 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos in this sneak peek!!

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