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Grace and Colby’s Beautiful Red Gate Farms Wedding: Finally Celebrating True Love and Friendship

This day has been a long time coming! I have waited over a year to celebrate with these two. Their amazing Tybee Island engagement session was in March of 2022.

Grace and Colby contacted me about being their photographer in early 2022 for their wedding reception at Red Gate Farms in Savannah, Georgia. They planned to elope in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and had a different photographer planned for that day.

In March of 2022, we had their engagement session on the beach in Tybee Island, and it was a perfect day for photos. The pictures turned out to be amazing!!!! Nice weather and full sunshine. After the session, a new friendship was formed. Grace and Colby are amazing people! When I go on about 9184 Brides and couples, they are a stellar example of what I mean. I left with expectations that the session went terrific but didn’t know that it was also amazing to them. Grace told me leaving that Colby is a really picky person, and he loved working with you!! From that session, we discussed photographing their reception and elopement in Gatlinburg!!!

Some time passed, and things changed as they do in life, but they changed for the good! They did get married but eloped very small and not in Gatlinburg. What did happen is both the wedding and reception and one of the most beautiful weddings I have photographed this far at Red Gate Farms, and the love was present and poured like wildfire between them. Colby’s displayed his love and passion for Grace with every look and tear he showed.

Grace and Colby have left a memorable mark on my life that I will never forget. Through their kind hearts, love for people, infectious laughter, resilient spirits, and never-ending love, they have demonstrated that true love and friendship are timeless. Grace and Colby are not only a 9184 Bride and Couple. They are my friends, and I thank God for my talents as a photographer just to be given the chance to capture this particular moment in their lives. I can continue our interactions, but this reading would be too long. Enjoy some of my favorites from this couple’s special day, and congrats to Grace and Colby on FINALLY being able to celebrate your marriage!!!

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