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Sydney + Ben Forsyth Park | Engaged

When a natural light photographer thinks of a perfect day to shoot, this is it. The sun and lighting were excellent, and I had the most fantastic couple.

Sydney and Ben met me at Forsyth Park in Savannah on Monday, and I was expecting it to be a fantastic shoot when I left home, but sometimes there could be a crowd in Forsyth Park, but it turned out amazing. I kept saying, “Step onto this spot,” because there was one everywhere.

Both of them told me they aren’t the most photogenic people, and on the way down from their home in Tennessee, they discussed that they aren’t and need just 1-2 good photos to choose from. Although, I don’t know why they thought they weren’t because they did an excellent job!! Their photos turned out fantastic, and I think they will have a hard time choosing 1-2. Haha.

I will be shooting their wedding on Tybee Island Beach in July. They will do great. Engagement sessions are the time not only for the photographer to meet the couple but also for the couple to see how the photographer shoots and to release any stress or anxiety about the photos for the wedding day. It’s like a practice run. I left our time together thinking how great of a session it was and how amazing our time together was! I’m thrilled to share some of my FAVORITES from their session!!

Engagement Session 21

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